Sustainability Initiative

A Southeastern Massachusetts Public Higher Education Partnership

CONNECT'S MISSION: to improve the quality, accessibility and affordability
of higher education; and to advance the economic, educational and cultural life of Southeastern Massachusetts.

about the connect sustainability initiative

Sustainability refers to the stewardship of our natural resources. It is commonly defined as “the use of current resources in a way which does not compromise the ability of future generations to use those resources.1” As such it encompasses a wide range of topics including water pollution, water conservation, economics, social justice, climate science, ecology, history, politics, and many more.

The focus of the Sustainability Initiative is to enhance communication and collaboration between the six CONNECT institutions in the area of sustainability.  The results of this initiative are expected to strengthen the role of southeastern Massachusetts as a leader in the area of sustainability education, job training, entrepreneurship and research. The first step of this initiative is to produce a directory of faculty and staff actively involved in teaching and working in the area of sustainability.  The second step is to work towards building collaboration and partnerships around sustainability programs at the six CONNECT institutions.  The third step is to provide a framework for incorporating sustainability into coursework across the curriculum.  

1 United Nations. 1987. Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, General Assembly Resolution 42/187, 11 December 1987.

summary of programs & degrees

This following table provides a listing of all certificate, undergraduate and graduate programs offered at CONNECT institutions in the area of sustainability.  This table is useful for faculty and staff who are interested in connecting with others who have developed programs in specific areas of sustainability.  It is also useful for student advisors when providing direction to students who are interested in pursuing a career in a particular sustainability field. For more information about each program, please contact the institution directly.

Summary of Programs & Degrees

sustainability courses

This following table provides a listing of all credit and noncredit courses offered at CONNECT institutions which incorporate sustainability as a theme. This table is useful for faculty who are interested in incorporating sustainability into their own courses or in developing courses targeted specifically at sustainability. It also provides information that may be useful when considering collaborations between institutions.

Sustainability Courses Table

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Sem: Topic International Relation: Global Environment

Ecology and Environmental Issues

Campus Biodiversity

Principles of Sustainability

Special Topics in Sustainability

Topics in Sustainability

Advanced Seminar in Sustainability Studies

General Ecology

Environmental Science and Business

Environ Aspects Schl Educator

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directory of sustainability faculty & staff

The following table provides the name, email address, phone number, department, courses taught, and research interests for faculty and staff involved with sustainability efforts at each of the CONNECT institutions. This table is useful for faculty and staff who are interested in connecting with individuals at other institutions who are working in a particular area of sustainability.  This information may also be helpful for student advisors.

Directory of Faculty & Staff

directory of sustainability facilities & resources

The following tables provides information about Training Resources for sustainability areas at each of the CONNECT institutions.  It also provides information about Sustainability Initiatives at the CONNECT institutions.  This table should be helpful for CONNECT faculty and staff who are considering possible collaborations.

Directory of Facilities & Resources

links to campus sustainability sites

Bridgewater State University

Bristol Community College

Cape Cod Community College

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Massasoit Community College

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

connect institutions' presidents' climate commitment reports

American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment – 2010 Annual Report

additional sustainability resources