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mid-level leadership development series

Building on the success of the Key Talent Leadership Program, the Mid-Level Leadership Development Series has been designed for emerging and high-potential associate/assistant directors, program coordinators, staff assistants, and other mid-level employees. By examining successful approaches to key higher education management and leadership challenges, participants are able to increase knowledge, skills, and confidence in their leadership practice.

Activity Description

The seven month cohort model is an integrated blend of leadership workshops, self- assessment activities, small group discussion, practice exercises, role-playing, coaching, and peer learning. A key learning objective is for participants to identify a professional leadership challenge related to a current business issue and craft an action plan to their challenge.

Session one (October 25)Leading From Where You Are 

Leadership is about influence, not title. Recognize how you can exhibit leadership qualities, communicate and manage relationships, and demonstrate high performance capabilities today.

Session two (November 22) – Managing Your Professional Currency

Your professional reputation is arguably your most valuable asset. Learn to manage the impressions you create and increase your professional currency with key stakeholders.

Session three (December 20)Emotional Intelligence, Why It Matters

Increase your EI, professional success, personal relationships, and physical health & well-being.

Session four (January 24)Communicate to Influence and Inspire Action

Communication is key to building relationships, effective team work, and achieving business goals. Learn how to optimize personal productivity, influence, and leadership development.

Session five (February 28) – Coach and Manage Difficult Conversations

Strong leaders coach, give meaningful feedback, and manage difficult conversations. These skills are essential to develop employees, manage change, and resolving conflict.

Session six (March 27) – Managing Change with Resilience

We deal with adversity and change on a daily basis. It's more important than ever to develop resiliency in order to manage your work and life more effectively.

Session seven (April 17) - A Look Back, A Look Forward: Reflection on the Journey

Acknowledging our journey together, we will examine the practical application of lessons learned and applied to each participant's on-the-job business challenge.

Selected participants are expected to meet the following criteria:

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key talent program information & Testimonials

The Key Talent Leadership Program addresses the professional development needs of mid-to-senior level administrators by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance in their careers. The program also aims to assist participating institutions with succession planning efforts by employing highly trained talent with the required skills and abilities to fill future vacancies and leadership roles.

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“The Key Talent Leadership Program helped me to sharpen my leadership skills and take my thinking to a higher level. Each monthly topic discussed was directly related to something I was experiencing and truly helped aid my decision making.”

Joe Wolk, BSU Registrar & 2016 Key Talent Graduate


2018 key talent graduates celebrated at April program

Honoring the Journey: Insight, Growth & Recognition was the theme of the seventh and final gathering of the 2017-2018 CONNECT Key Talent Leadership Program. Thirty participants from Bridgewater State University, Bristol Community College, Bunker Hill Community College, Cape Cod Community College, Framingham State University, Massasoit Community College, Salem State University, UMASS Dartmouth, and Worcester State University reflected on their experience and looked ahead to the future during the celebratory event.

Members of this year’s graduating class are: Michelle Arsenault, Diane Bell, Joanna Boeing Bratton, Robert Brock, Andrew Crompton, Christopher Frazer, Reid Kimball, Jaime Knight, Daniel Rezendes, Matthew Rushton, and Jen Thibodeau from Bridgewater State University; Laura Alicea, Robert Delaleu, Robin Riley, and Keith Toni from Bristol Community College; Raquel Liriano, Mukti Raut, and Gina Zukowski from Bunker Hill Community College; Tracy Morin and Chuck Phelan from Cape Cod Community College; Jill Gardosik and Robin Kurkomelis from Framingham State University; Willvia Francois, Paul Key, Sarah Yunits, and Rachel Zyirek from Massasoit Community College; Carmen Amado and Craig Licourt from Salem State University; Elena Glatman from UMASS Dartmouth; and Sean Morrow from Worcester State University.