Key Talent Program

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summary: 2015 - 2016 program

The Key Talent Leadership Program addresses the professional development needs of mid-to-senior level administrators by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance in their careers.  Now in its second year, the program also aims to assist participating schools with succession planning efforts by employing highly trained talent with the required skills and abilities to fill future vacancies in leadership roles.

Activity Description

The program consists of six full-day sessions and a ½ day wrap-up session.  Session dates are: October 2, 2015, November 6, 2015, December 4, 2015, January 8, 2016, February 5, 2016, March 4, 2016, and a closing/graduation ceremony on April 8, 2016.

Session one (October 2)The Inner Leader; Defining Your Personal Leadership Style 

This session will introduce and apply concepts to effectively manage and lead in an academic setting and will educate managers on the role of the leader in terms of expectations and key responsibilities, individual leadership styles and types and identify which employees your style of leadership is effective and ineffective and to understand and apply the concepts of emotional and social intelligence.

Session two (November 6) – Leadership Communication:  Managing Relationships

This session will focus on unique features and challenges of organizational communication, through real-time examples and exercises grounded in today’s academic workplace.  The session will address how to effectively communicate across the institution, and how to manage workplace conflicts and sensitive situations.

Session three (December 4)Creating a Performance –based Culture: Motivation, Coaching and Feedback

This session will focus on the difference between a leader and a manager and discuss how to create a performance based culture.

Session four (January 8)Teambuilding and Team Management: Clarifying Expectations, Enabling Success

This session will identify the qualities of productive and healthy teams, determine personal contributions in moving toward effective relationships, communications, goal definitions, expectations and actions as it relates to the nature of teams and teamwork and identify the factors that support or hinder a cross-institutional collaboration.

Session five (February 5) – Problem Solving and Decision Making; Thinking Strategically

This session will examine common problems and traps, and explore various techniques and strategies.  The program will help leaders to rapidly and accurately identify goals, establish agreement on outcomes, and adjust direction in response to a changing environment.

Session six (March 4) – Leading through Change; Transformational Leadership

This session will help leaders learn to manage change by understanding the change process and how people react to change.  The session will discuss how to influence others and to complete tasks and accomplish goals with or without the formal authority to mandate action and secure accountability.

Session seven (April 8- Honoring the Journey: Insight, Growth and Recognition

This concluding session is designed to help the participant reflect and determine how best to use the new knowledge that they’ve gained.

Selected participants are expected to meet the following criteria:

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